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Stuff regarding Zabbix conference 2011

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Zabbix conference will take place in Tallink Hotel Riga

Tallink Hotel Riga on the map.

Public transportation

Public transport in Riga - buses, trolleybuses and trams, use same tickets. Can purchase ticked on the vehicle (LVL 0.70) or an electronic ticket beforehand for multiple fares (cheaper overall), as well as daily or weekly passes. Electronic ticket must be "checked in" on each ride. It is only valid for one ride, changing to another vehicle is considered a new ride. On public transport stops, "d. d." means working days, "S., Sv." is Saturdays and Sundays.

If a group of people stop the transport between the public stops, it most likely is not a robbery but a ticket control.

International bus terminal - map

Central railway station - map

In general, taxi fares are honest, but making sure meter is on & set for the correct rate is advisable. Baltic taxi supposedly promises to be fully honest.

Baltic taxi - fixed (LVL 8, EUR 12) or flexible rate to/from airport for taxi, fixed price for shuttle (LVL 3, EUR 5)

Can go by bus (route 22), price for single fare ticket on the bus is LVL 0.70 (~ EUR 1). Takes longer time.

Travel details

Latvia is a member of Schengen area.

List of countries, citizens of which don't need visa for entry to Latvia.

Entry and residence "wizard".

Individual country details

  • Brazil

Visa: not needed ("Under these agreements, all EU citizens - including nationals of Estonia, Latvia, Malta and Cyprus, who until now needed a visa to enter Brazil - will be allowed to travel without a visa for purposes of tourism and business, just as Brazilian citizens can already travel visa-free to all EU countries... The maximum length of a stay will be three months during a six-month period in the Schengen area")

  • Russia

Visa: needed

  • Ukraine

Visa: needed

  • Japan

Visa: not needed (The maximum length of a stay will be 90 days during a six-month period in the Schengen area")

General information

Currency in Latvia is Latvian lat (LVL). Other currencies are not in use.

  • 1 EUR = ~ 0.7 LVL
  • 1 USD = ~ 0.5 LVL

There is free WiFI in Riga airport.

It is not allowed to smoke in public transportation shelters, parks and beaches in Latvia. While not strictly enforced, fines are around LVL 10 (USD 20, EUR 14).

It is not allowed to reside in public locations in Rīga with open containers of alcoholic drinks. Enforced fairly often, especially in the Old Town of Riga.

Supermarkets are usually open till 22:00 or 23:00 throughout the week.

220V electricity with Type C (Europlug) and Type F (Schuko) being the most common socket variations.

Entertainment before and after the conference