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Official Zabbix templates

These are the official Zabbix templates, as shipped with various versions of Zabbix. Please, do not add other templates here - use the community template page instead.

Note: SQL scripts are required for some templates (for example, to add value maps). Since Zabbix 3.0.0, value maps can also be imported from XML.
Note: Only changed templates are shown here since Zabbix 2.2. If you see only a few templates for a release, it indicates that only those templates were changed.
Note: Template Virt VMware should be imported after the other VMware templates, otherwise it will fail
Note: Template_App_MySQL-2.2.0.xml depends on userparameters, which can be found in the Zabbix sources, file userparameter_mysql.conf
Note: For standalone ESXi, without vCenter, you will need Esxi_standalone_template instead of the regular Template Virt VMware

Zabbix 3.4

Zabbix 3.4.5

Zabbix 3.4.2

Zabbix 3.4.0

Zabbix 3.2

Zabbix 3.2.3

Zabbix 3.2.2

Zabbix 3.2.0

Zabbix 3.0

Zabbix 2.4

Zabbix 2.2

Zabbix 2.0