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Upstream Issues

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Zabbix developers occasionally get a chance not only to fix a bug in Zabbix, but also to report an upstream bug, too.

Below is a list of issues that affected Zabbix functionality and have been reported by Zabbix developers in third-party software as part of their work:

  • Debian #771241 - stunnel4 sometimes truncates long server reply (Andris Mednis, working on ZBXNEXT-1263)
  • fping #56 - random output for first ping in case of sendto() errors (Aleksandrs Saveljevs, working on ZBX-7576)
  • mbedtls #238 - crash on long PSK identity (Aleksandrs Saveljevs, working on ZBXNEXT-1263)
  • MySQL #73709 - MyODBC crashes in SQLConnect() when the application is linked with -lmysqlclient (Aleksandrs Saveljevs, working on ZBX-7665)
  • THRIFT-1266 - generated C code for iterating over nested maps is wrong (Aleksandrs Saveljevs, working on ZBXNEXT-844)
  • libssh2 #2012-04/0021 - perform check/rewrite the function to not hang if the library receives a path to a folder in the "publickey" value (Oleksiy Zagorskyi, working on ZBX-4857)
  • snmptt #38 - wrong trimming of last separator for varbind list (Oleksiy Zagorskyi)
  • zbxsend #12 - sends a non-integer timestamp (Aleksandrs Saveljevs, working on ZBX-10234)
  • PHP #72508 - strange references after recursive function call and "switch" statement (Alexander Vladishev, working on ZBX-10926)
  • PHP #78015 - Incorrect evaluation of expressions involving partials array in SCCP (Andrejs Verza, working on ZBX-16117)

The following issues were also reported by Zabbix developers during their work, but they did not necessarily affect Zabbix functionality:

  • Mozilla #1207990 - checking calendar 2 of 4294967300 when calendars are offline (Aleksandrs Saveljevs)
  • net-snmp #2602 - Missing "return" statement in example code for NetSNMP::TrapReceiver (Oleksiy Zagorskyi)
  • net-snmp #2601 - LOGGING OPTIONS not fully and correctly described (Oleksiy Zagorskyi)
  • Tagbar #222 - error processing function TagbarBalloonExpr on hover (Aleksandrs Saveljevs)
  • OpenIPMI #7 (feature request) - configurable low-level IPMI over LAN timeouts (Sandis Neilands)
  • Debian Bug report #778539 - libsnmp-dev: man pages for embedded perl modules (*.3pm) are not included to package (Oleksiy Zagorskyi)
  • Subversion #SVN-4622 - revert as user without write access always notifies for files (Oleksiy Zagorskyi)