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Posted on behalf of grzechu from #zabbix

   Zabbix db upgrade 1.8 -> 2.0.3 Note could be useful for ppl with big zabbix setups.
   Before, Zabbix version 2.0.3 upgrading took more than a week on quite old hardware. Now it takes minutes.
   My setup:
   Number of hosts (monitored/not monitored/templates)     383    
   Number of items (monitored/disabled/not supported)      16110  
   Number of triggers (enabled/disabled)[problem/unknown/ok]       5302
   Required server performance, new values per second      78.23  
   Due to the very long db upgrade 1.8 -> 2.0.1, all item intervals were reduced from about ~200 to 78.
   History and trends were reduced by 4. Now we have:
   | zabbix.history_uint                   | 20.99M |
   | zabbix.history                        | 15.99M |
   | zabbix.trends_uint                    | 15.38M |
   | zabbix.trends                         | 13.35M |
   | zabbix.history_text                   | 3.47M  |
   First upgrade was done on a quite old HP DL380 G4, mysql 5.1 from Percona, innodb_buffer_pool set to 4GB. Raid0+1 with write cache off. hdparm for storage shows 100MB/s. The upgrade took more than a week.
   Then db was reduced by 4 and moved to much faster hardware (dell r710, 96GBram, 48cpu - innodb_buffer_pool 8GB)
   Second test upgrade was canceled after few hours.
   Then the pre-2.0.3 patch was used. Output as follows:
   Continue ? (y/n) y
   Patching the database
      ... patching of the database took 0:08:52
   bash >= 4.1 detected
   Checking for 'Disabled' user group... found, not doing anything.
   Checking for 'Debug' user group... not found, adding.
   Checking for hosts not belonging to any group... found.
   Group 'none' does not exist, creating it and adding all orphaned hosts to it.
   Added 1 hosts to group 'none'. Move them to correct groups manually.
    ... checking for hosts not belonging to any group took 0:00:00