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The Zabbix Grab-Bag

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The Zabbix Grab-Bag


I wanted to create a project where I could share my work on Zabbix scripts, be they alertscripts, externalscripts, UserParameter scripts, LLD, etc., along with documentation and templates (if any). This has culminated in the Zabbix grab-bag repository on GitHub:


Please share your scripts and your knowledge! We can make each other's Zabbix environments more robust and efficient if we work together. That's my vision for this project!


If a suitable directory/category is not yet in existence, by all means create one!

In order to keep things uniform and understandable, any scripts should be uploaded into a directory/category in the following format. This will keep things aligned in a directory listing. In order to keep things clean, one directory should cover one category. If there needs to be sub-categories, make subdirectories in a parent category directory.

name[.extension] (.sh|.pl|.py|.whatever)





[name.LICENSE] (optional)


I'm all about open software. I chose the Apache 2.0 license for my project. If you want to include your own scripts and do not want to use the Apache 2.0 license then please put your own license with your script by following the name.LICENSE format as above.



"Watch" the project on GitHub and get emails when changes are made.

Zabbix Forum

The Zabbix Forum thread is here: