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Tasklist, according to :)


Task Person Completion Details
SVN through WebDAV Richlv 100% SVN
HTTPS for web services Richlv 100% using self-signed cert for now
Single authentication source Kodai, Richlv 99% SSO Information LDAP Information
OpenID authentication 0% Unknown see SSO
Initial MySQL tuning Richlv 90%
Pootle setup Richlv 100% Pootle installation
Setup OSQA 0% After single auth source is done
Setup Gallery Richlv 0% After single auth source is done
Template gallery halt 1%
Backups Richlv 100%
Test backup restore Richlv 0%
Backup policy Richlv 5%
Wiki style (skin) 0%
Evaluate and add useful mw templates Richlv 60%
Setup Zabbix for .org monitoring Richlv 80% Zabbix installation Can't proceed because XML import is broken in trunk - fixed, can proceed (broken again as of 2011.05.12)
SVN web frontend Richlv 100% Added at
attach CIA to via hook 0%
NTP sync Richlv 100%
mw odt export extension 0%
mw book extension 0%
mw expandable tree menu 0%
mw code highlighting extension Richlv 100%
mw parserfunctions extension Richlv 100%
mw wysiwyg table editor extension 0%
mw maps extension Richlv 100%
mw spam blacklist extension Richlv 100%
mw recaptcha extension Richlv 60%
mw calendar extension Richlv 60% upcoming event list is badly formatted, especially for day ranges
setup mw SVG preview rendering Richlv 95% imagemagick failed quite badly; rsvg seems to work, although it also has minor problems - maybe worth looking into it later
icons replacement Zalex_UA 99%


public analysis, public discussion about _everything_

any contributed work must be original work or properly licensed


HTTPS access to all web interfaces - through a self-signed cert currently

Encrypt as much as possible

OpenID authentication to all components? Single password authentication source?

all config stored in svn - what exactly ? probably not whole etc ? specific files ? what about files outside /etc ? maybe keep actual files in svn tree & symlink to them ?

How to handle operating system level updates - automated, manual?

statistic gathering (visitors to .org)

design - logo, themes (mw etc)...

set up log analysis (apache) - awstats, something else ?



  • mediawiki (next version of manual is written here ?)

write wiki guidelines (usage of templates, writing summaries, formatting, image naming schemes, way of depicting command input by prefixing with $ # >mysql etc)

if images are added, their respective source images (svg or whatever) must be added - where ? svn, wiki ?


Installed :


Ideas from:

still to add - one to svn viewer once it's set up (

message box (mediawiki Mbox)

formatting - config parameters


  • svn web frontend - added for and at
  • svn hooks (postcommit cia etc)
  • should svn be available over non-https connection ? (/etc/apache2/conf.d/subversion.conf, SSLRequireSSL)
  • svn uses http/https to be accessible for people behind http proxies
  • svn guidelines (formatting, commit messages etc)


  • show part of pootle page on mw - language names + coloured bars (api/internal call ? wget/curl/imagemagick ?) - or just msgfmt --statistics + imagemagick ?
  • describe translation transition process pootle <-> svn
  • what to do with Terminology and Tutorial projects ?
  • currently using myisam tables - should it be converted to innodb ? (ALTER TABLE t1 ENGINE=InnoDB;). pootle devel says to stay with myisam for smaller installations -> myisam it is





2 separate approaches

  1. local Zabbix, monitoring daemon status, os health, db stats, amount of user accounts, translation statistics... running latest trunk as much as possible
  2. multiple test installs of trunk, 1.8 branch svn head, zabcon...

monitor local frontend, is it up to date (svn log -> if any, report)

monitor checksums, monitor patch availability, use low level discovery


picture gallery (screenshots, events, zabbix, anything)

install html_uploader modules

enable server upload

Piwik stats


not, set up at

Template gallery

  • Zabbix template gallery - statistics, management etc (stored in svn ?)
  • check each uploaded template for validity
  • only allow one template per xml file
  • disallow linking to other templates or manage dependencies ?

Further ideas

Zabbix user list map


  • "zabbix users around the world" - locations with osm integration
  • users, partners, service providers with ability to add logo/picture;
  • taking picture from gravatar;
  • adding description/details (zabbix setups, zabbix expertise etc)
  • based on mw maps extension ?


ideally - integrated with the map, a list of zabbix users (logo, name, zabbix stats...)


  • irc logger bot - done (using irssi)
  • periodically regenerated ircstats
  • irc netuiqette

Mailing lists

mailing list server ? (translators mailing list etc)

not forum for now - no need to duplicate


  • databases
  • svn ('svnadmin dump' will write the repository to stdout in a 'dumpfile' format. This dumpfile can be loaded later with 'svnadmin load'.)
  • htdocs
  • config
  • logs
  • homes

Scheduled tasks

crontab ? (pootle po file update etc)

Zabbix statistics gathering

could be frontend (php), could be shell script...



needs java :/


Invited to make different icons for different sites. Very useful for those who have a lot of tabs in browser.

About "internal use only" meaning that these icons do not have on any public web server. Their real author (Zalex_UA) enjoys sharing icons for the community.

File:Zabbix custom icons set (include two exra icons).zip

Zabbix org icons.png
Additional icons.png