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hi, im a noob linux (ubuntu) user

i installed a zabbix server in ubuntu 12.04 server and all is ok antill i try to start up the server

i installed it followind this link instructions

but at sudo zabbix_server && sudo zabbix_agentd instructions i got this error>

zabbix_server [2461]: cannot open [/var/log/zabbix-server/zabbix_server.log]: [13] permission denied

i check in /tem/ and no zabbix folder o zabbix-server.log archive there. in /var/log/zabbix-server/ , no archive there either...

i don't know where zabbix_server.log is, or if i have to create it.

Printing multiple server names for Cluster Event/Trigger using {HOST.NAME} macro or similar macros


I've configured a cluster trigger (It's a 2 node cluster system) like

Trigger Name: FTP Service on {HOST.NAME1} & {HOST.NAME2} is Down Trigger Exp: {new-zbx:net.tcp.service[ftp].last()}=0 and {new-sd:net.tcp.service[ftp].last()}=0

and create an 'action operation' using macros like ** ipaddress="{IPADDRESS1}, {IPADDRESS2}" & eventhost="{HOST.NAME1}, {HOST.NAME2}" ** to populate both the nodes info in 'events' as well as on 'action'.

But now for single node triggers 'UNKNOWN' is showing as hostname for one node in 'action' details. PFB for details host="new-sd UNKNOWN" trigger name="Zabbix agent on new-sd is unreachable for 5 minutes" triggerid="13581" severity="5" ipaddress=""

But in event it's populating properly. (shown above).

Kindly suggest how to get hostname info (for multiple node cluster) avoiding this issue.