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Howto install Zabbix on Synology

  • install the spk
  • compile from source

Install the spk

Download the spk from and install it through the package manager of DSM. See to find your model

These spk is compiled for different architectures (without proxy agent2 in Go at this moment) :


  - Evansport


  - Denverton (since 6.2 toolchain not yet found)


 - Apollolake
 - Armada375
 - Armada38x
 - Avoton
 - Braswell
 - Broadwell
 - Bromolow
 - Cedarview
 - Qoriq
 - RTD1296

If you need DSM4 compatibility than you'll need to proceed to method 2.

NB : If your model is not in the list, please ask it inside the current pull request, and if it's possible, it will be provided...

Install from source

This is more complicated because you'll need to install a cross-compile environment. Have a look at on howto setup a cross-compile environment. I have setup a debian7-x86 VM for this purpose. Tried to use my native Fedora install but as said on the site that doesn't work!

Next checkout the source from the gitblit repo: git clone and follow the docs from SynoCommunity on how to compile a package. Boils down to:

  • cd spksrc/
  • make setup
  • cd spk/zabbix
  • make arch-evansport

Note: this currently only works for the following architectures: bromolow cedarview x86 qoriq evansport armada38x

Due to the amount of support packages it will take some time to finish. See the last commit to what I have updated the support packages too. It's possible that some packages will go away (mysql being one of them) when enough time goes by. There are some problems with 5.6.23 which I haven't solved, yet, but its always possible to download an older version and adapt either the Makefile of make sure its found in the correct location. The spk will be in the packages folder if all goes well. Use the DSM package manager to install it.

From here its standard zabbix configuration. You'll find an entry in DSM to configure the services and to start/stop them.

Mainmenu.png Zabbixservices1.png Zabbixservices2.png