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Getting help and being part of the community

So you need some help or advice regarding Zabbix. Here are the possibilities of receiving one. To ensure you receive quality and timely help, follow some basic guidelines as well.

General guidelines

  • Be polite
  • Make sure others can understand what you wrote. Avoid abbreviations, usually associated with texting
  • Be as specific as possible - if you are asking about some problem, specify Zabbix version. Usually it is also helpful to note database type and version. If asking about some feature, it is useful to explain what you have done to resolve it yourself. If this is related to some specific functionality that relies on 3rd party library, add information about library used and it's version (like net-snmp- or openipmi-2.0.16).


Look around this wiki. Feel free to register and add your own articles or fix any spotted problems.


Zabbix forum has a large collection of valuable information and discussions. Feel free to open a new thread if you can't find an already existing one on the topic. Observe some basic guidelines:

  • Use English (unless posting in a specific language subsection);
  • Choose the correct forum section for your thread;
  • If discussing a different problem than the one in the thread, open a new thread. If you have several unrelated questions, do not tuck them all in a single thread - it will be harder for you to receive help that way.


You can join one of the Telegram groups to get in contact with our community: Zabbix International Community or Zabbix Russian Community.


There is a channel, devoted to Zabbix discussion on the Freenode network - #zabbix. Use one of the many IRC clients to connect or web client. There are some IRC-specific guidelines:

  • Do not ask to ask. There is no use to ask something like "can somebody help with something Zabbix related" - that's what the channel is there for. Additionally, this would require somebody to confirm, then you would ask the question, while you could have asked the actual question and received the answer already.
  • Allow for some time to pass after asking the question. Do not assume that everybody in the channel is glued to the screen - there are real life duties and there are many different timezones. It might be middle of the night for somebody what is middle of the working day for you. There are also different holidays around the world. Given these circumstances, it is suggested to stay at least 24 hours in the channel after asking the question.
  • Do not repeat your question all the time, it will only get people annoyed. Having said that, repeating a question might be appropriate once a day if there have been no responses.
  • Do not split your sentences in a lot of lines - that is hard to read. Or, in other words, "do not use enter instead of space".

Freenode also has a German language #zabbix-de channel, as of August 2012. All of the above applies, besides the language, of course!

IRC bots

The #zabbix IRC channel also has a couple of bots. Some potentially useful functionality is described here.

Bot "zabbixbot" can provide:

  • !issue: Issue descriptions and links to them if issue name/number is given. If somebody mentions "ZBXNEXT-202", command !issue will print the description and the URL. The bot remembers mentioned issues, thus !issue 2 will print information for the second last issue and so on
  • !key: Short item key syntax will be printed. For example, !key system.cpu.load
  • !topic: Frequently asked questions have keywords assigned and a topic can be quickly recalled. For example, !topic appliance. All topics have a URL listed for further reading.

Unique shortened versions of the commands work, too - for example, !t, !to, !top, !topi and !topic are all equal.

Bot "zabbix" can provide:

  • !note: A note may be left for a user that is offline. For example, !note <username> hey, try this: .... Next time when that user says something, the message will be passed to them. Note that this is done upon user messaging themselves, not upon them joining the channel

Local Zabbix User Groups

See separate page on local Zabbix user groups.

Commercial support

See Zabbix services page for support, custom development, training, deployment, consulting and other commercial services.