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Access to historical data for disabled hosts


Status: v1.0

Owner: Alexei


Zabbix should provide access to historical data of disabled hosts.

Front-end changes

  • Monitoring->Web, Monitoring->Latest data and Monitoring->Graphs will include disabled hosts in host selection popup.
    • Disabled hosts will be displayed with the #DC0000 color, also in the list of hosts under Monitoring->Web.
  • Graphs, graph items, simple graphs, plain text data, etc will be accessible for disabled hosts
  • Host-level (templated) screens will also be available for disabled hosts


  • What's new
  • Zabbix Manual
    • Screenshots

Also discussed

  • Disabled hosts will be visible to anyone having permissions. There will be no global option which would control visibility of disabled hosts.
    • "Simpler" is the main reason for this: easy to understand, code, explain and no hidden dependency on a global switch. It can be extended in the future if needed.
  • Other pages won't be affected: screens, dashboard, etc
  • Disabled hosts will not be displayed in the data overview page, no changes there.
  • No changes for the global search result page.


  • Changed color