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Show trigger description and URL in popups in the dashboard's "Last 20 issues" and screen element's "Host group issues" and "Host issues"


Status: v1.0

Owner: Ivo


It would be useful to have trigger description in the dashboard. Description can be used for a quick access to info how to solve the trigger problem. In order to save space, trigger description and URL can be displayed inside current popup before events table.


Currently in the dashboard's "Last 20 issues" trigger name is displayed with a popup to events in the column "issue". Trigger description could be displayed above the events table. Description block should have a dynamic height and be limited to a certain maximum with auto scroll. Trigger description can contain links, so those links should be made clickable. All links should open in a new window. Same widget is used in screen elements "Host group issues" and "Host issues", so popup with description and URL will aslo be displayed in those elemets.


Front-end changes

The dashboard's "Last 20 issues", screen element's "Host group issues" and "Host issues" in column "issue" the popup will also contain trigger description above the events table. Long descriptions are scrollable. Links inside trigger description should be clickable and should open in a new window. Under trigger description the trigger URL will be displayed. URL is also clickable and opens in a new window.

Current implementation of trigger URL link in the "Last 20 issues" should be removed. If trigger has no events, no dotted line should be displayed. If trigger has either description or URL but no events, the popup should be displayed and the events table should show only headers.



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