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Better design for the Zabbix web interface


Status: Initial draft, do not comment

Owner: Alexei


If possible, new design should not introduce any functional changes, layout of all pages should not be modified as well. At this stage it's about making Zabbix interface cleaner and easier to use.

Most of changes will be related to creation of a new CSS file, however view-related code (HTML classes as well as JS code) will be affected as well.

Scope of work

  • Create new CSS file. We should probably use Sass-language and generate CSS when doing 'make dist'. All older CSS files should be removed.
  • CSS based themes will no longer be supported. Instead it will be allowed to create your own colour themes. Existing themes will be supported.
  • PHP HTML classes should be reviewed to use new CSS only. It should generate as concise HTML code as possible.
  • Existing JS code (views, etc) should be reviewed to make sure it works with new CSS classes.
  • Minimum PHP version increased to 5.4.


 List of hosts, filter is off
 List of hosts, filter is off
 List of hosts, filter is on
 List of hosts, filter is on
 Host edit form
 Host edit form
 Login form
 Login form


  • No history of last accessed pages will be supported
  • No CSS based theming will be supported
  • Decided to remove confusing bar reports, no one uses them seriously
    • User profile key web.report6.filter.state should be removed
  • The following filter related ids should be removed from user profiles so that all filters will be opened:
    • web.auditacts.filter.state
    • web.auditlogs.filter.state
    • web.avail_report.filter.state
    • web.charts.filter.state
    • web.hostinventories.filter.state
    • web.hostscreen.filter.state
    • web.history.filter.state
    • web.httpdetails.filter.state
    • web.hosts.filter.state
    • web.items.filter.state
    • web.latest.filter.state
    • web.overview.filter.state
    • web.toptriggers.filter.state
    • web.tr_status.filter.state
    • web.screens.filter.state
    • web.slides.filter.state
  • Minimum PHP version increased to 5.4
  • Support of bar reports will be removed



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