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Filtering by application in maps


Status: v1.0

Owner: Pavels


An additional "Application" parameter will be implemented for host and host group map elements. It will allow to display problems only for triggers that belong to the given application.

Frontend changes

Map configuration

  • The parameter will be displayed as a plain text field under the "Host" or "Host group" parameter.
  • It will be optional.

Map monitoring

  • If a map element has an application filter configured, it will only display problems of triggers, that belong to the given application.

API changes

  • map element
    • new property 'application' - string, optional.

Database changes

A new field will be added to the 'sysmaps_elements' table:

FIELD |application |t_varchar(255) | |NOT NULL |ZBX_SYNC


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  • Configuration->Maps page docs
  • map API docs


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