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Improve flexibility of action conditions


Status: v1.0

Owner: Alexei, Sasha


Currently type of calculation of trigger expressions is limited to AND/OR, AND and OR. It would be nice to have user-defined formula for evaluation of action conditions, such as ((A or B) and C) or D. Same way as it is currently implemented for LLD filters. See

Front-end changes

  • Configuration of action conditions

'Type of calculation' will support new option Custom expression, EVAL_TYPE_EXPRESSION == 3.

In case if Custom expression is selected, there will be an input box displayed on the right side:

 Type of calculation (AND/OR | AND | OR | Custom expression) [A and B and C and D]  <- input box for the expression

The expression must contain all available labels (upper-case letters) and may contain spaces, tabs, '(', ')', 'and' and 'or' (case sensitive). It must be validated when Save is pressed.

API changes

action.create, action.get and action.update should be extended same way as it is done for

Server changes

Server should support processing of custom expressions.

Database changes

New field for table actions:

 FIELD           |formula    |t_varchar(255) |''     |NOT NULL       |ZBX_SYNC


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