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Support of additional macros in trigger URL


Status: v1.0

Owner: Alexei


Zabbix should support macros {HOST.*} and {$USERMACRO} in the trigger URL, also LLD macro {#MACRO} in the trigger prototype URL.


The following macros will be supported in trigger URL:


Deprecated macros {HOSTNAME} and {IPADDRESS} will not be supported by server and frontend in this field.

LLD macro {#MACRO} will be supported in trigger prototype URL.

No escaping will be supported, macro values will be expanded as they are.

Server-side changes

Zabbix server will expand {#MACRO} when creating new triggers based on trigger prototypes the same way as in other generic text fields (name, description).

It will also expand {HOST.*} and {$USERMACRO} in resolving {TRIGGER.URL} macros in notification messages.

Frontend changes

The frontend will expand trigger URL macros in Monitoring and Reports sections.



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