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Automated backup of Zabbix configuration (MySQL and PostgreSQL)

The Zabbix database contains both configuration data and item history. While configuration data is quite small, the history related data usually grows up to multiple gigabytes.

The idea is now to do regular backups of your Zabbix configuration with a minimum size:

  • do a full backup dump of all configuration related tables,
  • only dump the schema (but not data) of all tables with history data.

To automate these tasks a script has been written which is able to do database backups of all Zabbix versions from 1.3.1 up to 4.4.x.

For more information see the scripts Github Wiki.


The script is hosted at Github, you can either directly download it or clone the Github repository to easily stay updated.

Direct download

The latest release is available here:

Git clone

The easiest way to stay updated is to clone the Github repository by executing the following command in your shell:

git clone

This will create a sub-directory zabbix-backup with the backup script and connect this directory to Github.

Now you can always update your script to the newest version by just doing:

cd zabbix-backup
git pull


To see a usage description call the script like this:

./zabbix-dump -h