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Zabbix API libraries

A list of third party tools and libraries for working with the Zabbix API. Be sure to let us know, if we've missed something good.

See also commandline tools.


  • py-zabbix by Alexey Dubkov - Zabbix Module for Python (PyPI py-zabbix, python 2 and 3 support, no external dependencies, auto tests)
  • pyzabbix by Luke Cyca - also maintained by Systematica (Zabbix Premium Partner) - a Python module (PyPI pyzabbix, depends-on requests)
  • ZabbixPythonApi by Frank Yao - Zabbix API for Python (no python3)
  • zabbix by gescheit - a Python library (PyPI zabbix-api)
  • zabbix_api by Grigoriy Netsman - scripts for creating and deleting hosts (depends on zabbix-api)
  • zabbix-client by Jesús Losada - a Python library (PyPI zabbix-client)
  • zabbix-api-erigones by Erigones - a Python library (PyPI zabbix-api-erigones)
  • pyZabbixSender by Kurt Momberg - a zabbix_sender replacement for Python.
  • ZabbixAPI_py by Diego Rodrigues - a Python library (PyPI ZabbixAPI-py)


  • Zabbix API by nelsonab (latest code seems to be on github) - a Ruby wrapper
  • Rubix by Dhruv Bansal - a Ruby library for working with the API and both retrieving and sending data to Zabbix server
  • zabbixapi by Express 42 - a Ruby gem, see README on github
  • zabby by Farzad Farid - a Ruby library and client for Zabbix



Name/links Author Last update Comments
Zabbix-API SFR-ZABBIX 2013-01-14
ZabbixAPI Tomohiro Ikeda 2012-01-07
Zabipi Andrey Konovalov 2016-03-21 Monitoring::Zabipi module. Contains additional methods (such as queue.get) and hacks (such as expandNames parameter for item.get). Many examples of usage included in distributive.
Net-Zabbix ksyz 2015-12-09
Zabbix-API-Client Matsumoto Ryosuke 2013-03-27
Zabbix-API-Simple Dominik Schulz 2014-07-12
Zabbix-Tiny Ben Kaufman/whosgonna 2018-03-23


  • zabbix-api by hengyunabc - Java library to access Zabbix API
  • zabbix-sender by hengyunabc - Java library to use Zabbix sender protocol
  • Zabbix4j by myaaaaa-chan - Java library to access Zabbix API


  • PhpZabbixApi by confirm IT solutions GmbH - a PHP wrapper class and a wrapper code generator
  • microzabbixapiconnector by Alex Kashin - a Micro-Zabbix-Api-Connector with proxy usage support
  • ZabbixApi "By Morten Moesgaard" - A wrapper class for Zabbix API, written in PHP (originally used in Zabbix to ServiceNow integration)


  • ZabbixPosh Api by simsaull - A Zabbix PowerShell Module
  • Zabbix by Benjamin RIOUAL - An other Zabbix module, based on Invoke-RestMethod


  • jqzabbix by Kodai Terashima - jQuery plugin for Zabbix API
  • zabbix.js by Kristoffer Berdal - a library based around request.js
  • zabbix-promise by Sumit Goel - Simplified Zabbix API Client with Promise support


  • c# api library by cheezus - a C# library for .NET 2.0
  • C# Library by HenriqueCaires - a C# library for .NET 4.5
  • C# Library by Josef Vidlák - a simple .NET library for zabbix API writen in C# with dynamic object for api method. No hard coded api classes (Supports basic auth)


  • go-zabbix "by Ryan Armstrong" - Zabbix API bindings for Go
  • zabbix by Ryan Day - Zabbix API for Go
  • go-zabbix "by Alexey Dubkov" - Zabbix Packages for Go
  • zabbix-sender Alexey Palazhchenko - push data to Zabbix server's trapper items from Go application
  • zabbix.go Alexey Palazhchenko - Zabbix API for Go
  • g2z "by Ryan Armstrong" - Write native Zabbix modules in Go


  • rust-zbx by Marin Atanasov Nikolov - Rust crate for creating Zabbix loadable modules


Online web

  • ZAPIX by Monitoring Artist - online web utility for testing and developing of API queries - pure Javascript, no installation required